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23 August 2017


After two years we decided to stop Crown House… for now.
A few weeks ago we had a meeting with the team and COC Leiden and we talked about the music and the atmosphere.
And we all agreed that it’s time for something else.

These two years has been amazing with the great help of so many great people.
People who know exactly how to translate their creativity from mind to everything during the evenings itself.
For example the creator of every single poster, Jeroen van Son. He made every poster so good with powerful colors and photos.
I also want to thank the DJs for their input.
It all started with LARZ, and after him we had Robert Feelgood, Mike Scot, Christian Alxs, Project89, Jethro Galung, Sebastiaan Hooft and Nista.
And in the second year Generis joined Sergio Tee every single edition.
Even Boran Ice came all the way from Switzerland to play at Crown House.
It was incredible.

So what happens now?… Well, at the moment we are creating a new concept.
A concept for the love of house, vocals and pop.
We cannot reveal it all now, but it’s gonna be something sweet.

Of course we keep you posted with all new info.

Cheers, team Crown House.


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