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05 August 2018


Last Friday Sergio Tee performed live on Dam Square in Amsterdam on the Pride MainStage.
His sets were accompanied by MC Divine and supported by beautiful dancers.
The whole square was full and there were 10.000 people watching the shows by great artists.
Dollhouse opened the night at 7 PM.

At 8.20 PM Sergio Tee was presented by the beautiful Janey Jacké and as soon as she cheered up the audience Sergio started to play the interlude which he had made especially for this night.
During the interlude the dancers came on stage in sexy military outfits and the crowd was screaming.
It was really amazing!
Right after the intro that included the first couplet and chorus line of Free by Ultra Naté the first real tune started, it was Lethal Industry by Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano.
The crowd was excited and everybody was enjoying it.

“It was a very special evening. I never did something huge like this before, it was absolutely awesome. You can’t imagine how hard I worked for this, sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea and started to work on it. And even in the afternoon on the 3rd of August, the day of the show, I was still finetuning the tracks. I just wanted to do this perfectly!”

The opening night of the Pride Amsterdam Mainstage was fantastic and very successful!
Sergio Tee did three fantastic sets and gave it all. He played a lot of classics house tunes, and the sound very energetic!
After the show he went to the square to enjoy all the other artists Shermanology and DJ Jean.
It was a fantastic night.

Photography by Ronald Venema


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