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03 August 2018


Tonight’s the night!! Sergio Tee & MC Divine will open the first out of three evenings on the Pride Amsterdam Mainstage.
The opening will take place between 20.00hrs and 20.30hrs.

The showfacts are incredible!
Sergio Tee will open with an interlude to make a statement  for the LGBT because of the violence that happened some weeks ago to a dragqueen and a gay man.
So Sergio Tee decided to create a short interlude including the classic club tune Free by singer Ultra Naté.

“I really want to make a statement, we have to express ourselves and we must feel free.”

Tonight Sergio Tee will play three short live sets in front of thousands of people on Dam Square in the middle of the beautiful city center of Amsterdam.
The setlists contains classic tracks and there are some true moments to sing along.


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