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22 July 2018

Undersun Gin Club: A Memorable Night

Last night Sergio Tee played at the fantastic Undersun Gin Club at the Golf Resort La Manga.
It was an amazing night with lovely people.
Dear friend and manager César made Sergio and his assistant feel like stars.
First they had a tour through Undersun Club and Restaurant. After the tour they had a nice dinner first on the terrace.

Around 1 AM Sergio Tee hit the decks with some nice bargrooves.
After a few tracks Sergio started to create an ultimate club set with some tracks that refer to the disco era and energetic tunes.
It was a great experience and it was big fun.
At 5 AM it was time to stop, César and his team finished their work.
Later on César introduced the two at the famous Trips Summer Club in Cabo De Palos.

“It was a long great night with fantastic people and a fantastic atmosphere. César is such a nice guy who really knows how to make us feel good. We were relaxed and we worked hard to make the best. It was a good memorable night.”


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