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24 June 2024

Stonewall: 35th Anniversary

Last weekend Sergio Tee was in Enschede to play in an incredible line-up of artists: Karin Bloemen, Linda Wagenmakers, Justin Strikes and Victoria Helene Fisher Double.

The weather was perfect for this street party and the crowd was amazing. Karin Bloemen kicked off the celebration. She ended her setlist with This Is My Life by Shirley Bassey where she wrote her own lyrics for about 35 years of Café Stonewall. It was amazing! After the performance of Karin Bloemen the fabulous Roxy Diamond went down on her knees and asked his man to marry her, and of course he said yes. The crowned was cheering and Justin Strikes started to play his three hours set.

At 20.00 Sergio Tee took it over and he played his groovy set of two hours starting with Robin S’ Show Me Love. It was the first set of two which was groovy and uplifting. Between the first set and the second set Victoria Helene Fisher performed her songs, she did some extra songs and thanked Sergio for having some extra time.

Sergio’s second set was harder and full with uplifting energetic classics. For this one he started with an acapella version of A Deeper Love by Aretha Franklin and mixed it with Swedish House Maffia’s One as the opener.

Sergio ended his set with the classics Café Del Mar, Hold That Sucker Down and Dreamer. It was awesome and the crowed enjoyed it so much. It was big fun. Then it was time for diva Linda Wagenmakers, she did some great songs including her Eurovision banger No More Good-byes.
The whole day was perfect. At 01.00 the event was finished and Sergio Tee went back to the Intercity Hotel. It was good to be back in Enschede and there are already plans that Sergio will return soon.

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00