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17 October 2020

ADE 2020: The Story Behind The Mix

The forthcoming ADE mix is something that was totally different to do and first we were not sure to do it. Sergio Tee explains it all.

“First I thought…uhm… where do I get that energy from to create something people like to listen to in these days. I mean, everything has changed so negatively! And then came a friend go mine, Barry, who asked me to play on East Coast Energy Radio USA. And so I did, the show was last Thursday and I received so many fantastic reactions. People wondered why the hell I did only 30 minutes and not more. So… I checked some new records the day after plus some tunes I played earlier this year and picked my favorite classic. On Friday afternoon I started recording and it was done in one take.”

“This mix set is one of my best! It’s happy and it’s full of energy! I also tried to put some drama in it by going a bit deeper at one point. I thought it was a good idea to think about Corona too, so I also put two real Corona tracks in it. First the Corona Challenge by Danny Coleman. In March he asked five colleagues what their favorite track was and from those tracks he created one amazing tune and called it Corona Challenge. The track was promoted during The Digital Groove by Niall Redmond for RTÉ Pulse. The second Corona tune is Unapologetic Raver by Eli Brown & Green Velvet.”

“I was also thinking about using one classic. But then… which one shall I pick? Then I remembered I played at Club Mystique a few weeks ago with Jaydee, Lucien Soort, Mark van Dale and Dave Leatherman. At that evening I played My Dance by Ransom and combined it with the latest track I did with the guys of WhiteTronicZ: I See Your World. So I selected these two tracks too. And also our first release Levántate.”

“ADE 2020 has an approximate time of one hour and thirty minutes and contains I think 21 tracks. On the first day of Amsterdam Dance Event we will release ADE 2020 on Mixcloud. The artwork is a combination of two photos that shows the impact of club life and nightlife. I really wanted to make something good out of all this shit with Corona. I know people are dying, but the whole entertainment industry is broken and I really think it’s not good. The parties will go underground now. “

“Last Summer I played a livestream at Jonkheer BV in Hillegom, the company deliveres all devices etcetera for festivals and clubs. I took a photo of the booth and the light was just perfect. I wanted to use this photo in a combination with a picture with a special effect. The right light and colors. I found this gorgeous photo and combined the two like it’s an empty club. The hashtag message says it all: stay safe!”

ADE 2020 will be released Wednesday 21-10-2020

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00