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06 February 2020

Aftermath: Classics Indoor Festival

On the 1st of February Sergio tee and his assistant arrived around 12 PM at The Box, the location of Classics Indoor Festival.
The two were amazed by the size of this event. The mainstage was huge!
Sergio explains: ‘I sent my mother a short video directly to show how big this production is. I just couldn’t believe it. This is what I work so hard for.’
Two hours before doors went open the two started to work immediately.
Hiding wires, helping a hand on the stage, finishing the dressing rooms, you name it.
They worked with an incredible team and it was all finished seconds before the start of the first edition of Classics Indoor Festival.

DJ Jurgen

Robert Feelgood opened the Mainstage at 2 PM before DJ Isis en Dimitri took it over. The atmosphere was was magical, we really did go back in time all together, The feeling was there. And this location is really brilliant for this event. The box has it all! There were three incredible areas, there was a balcony for artists only, there was a huge VIP area, a cocktailbar, some stand with outfits and accessoires, there were lockers and enough toilets. And beside all this there was a kitchen with food for the VIP area and outside there was a snackcar. It was awesome!

La Lolly and Crystal Conners

Photographer Maarten de Bruin took pictures of everything and a selection is released on FaceBook. He ran all over the place to catch as many moments as possible. And he really did a good job! The line-up was incredible and the music really took us all back to the beginning of the breakthrough of house in The Netherlands.
Sergio Tee was also in the line-up as resident of HEIMWÉÉÉ which had its first edition last Summer on the beach of Bloemendaal.
‘It’s incredible to be in the line-up with my idols and the pioneers of the Dutch house scene again. a few minutes ago I spoke with Dimitri and I just found out we have the same problem during recording a mix. And it was really cool to hear that. Dimitri plays sometimes solo sets of 15 hours and I have so much respect for him. This man is incredible!’

Sergio Tee opens his set with an incredible intro

At 8 PM it is time for Sergio Tee to take it over in Area 3 from DJ Albert who used to play in de last few years of iT. But Sergio Tee didn’t took it over the regular way, he had a big surprise.
‘In the last few weeks I’ve been busy finishing an interlude for my set. I really wanted to surprise the people. The first Turn up The Bass House Party CD insprired me and so I created an intro for my set. That is how it started. It includes birds singing, a sample of the intro of House Party VI (1993), a deep voice and the sample of the beginning of Pacific Symphony by Transformer 2 (1992). I had some doubts to use it, but I had to do it to create a deeper feeling and so I did.’

The cover of the forthcoming release of Sergio Tee’s live set

Sergio Tee recorded his whole set live at Classics Indoor Festival and it’s an hour fully loaded with mindblowing tracks. A true blast from the past! Tracks by Natural Born Grooves, René et Gaston, Vincent De Moor, DJ Albert, Binary Finary, Westbam, Fragma and many more! Soon it will be released.
And… we all are looking forward to the next edition of Classics Indoor Festival.
Stay tuned for more info and save the date: 30-01-2021.

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00