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29 October 2020


Today is the day we can finally reveal a lot about the forthcoming mix set MADONNA / MEGA CLUB MIX. Where shall we start? There’s a lot to tell. And we live to tell, right? Let’s begin at the beginning in September 2020 when Sergio Tee was asked by an old friend from 1989 to make a mix with only Madonna songs. She just asked it after she saw Sergio posting his collector’s items on the social media. Sergio had immediately the idea to use only official 12 inches and remixes.

A part of Sergio Tee’s Madonna collection

During the whole process of checking songs and choosing the right remixes Sergio Tee was also thinking of using an interlude for all this. He searched for the studio versions of some tours where M’s discography was used in. He chose to use the interlude of Madonna’s 2012 MDNA Tour for the song Turn Up The Radio. It starts with with a radio and it’s sounds like a typical old radio where you change the channels manually. Tee was also pretty sure about the song to start with. Almost every Madonna song is an iconic song, but I was pretty sure that I could choose the first song out of three selected songs.

Work in process

During the whole process Sergio was very secure of what song and which remix to use. It was important to make sure that people would love it. “Yes, I was inspired by Madonna’s album You Can Dance from 1987. I wanted to create a trip down memory lane. I want people to sing along with it. And this including her most recent dance songs as well. So yeah yeah, this Mega Club Mix contains also songs from MDNA, Rebel Heart and the Madame X too. Along the way I found out that I changed my mind and used three unofficial remixes. when I started to work on this I also wanted to use Everybody, the Extended Remix. But… I changed for the better and prevent that it would sound a bit too much like the You Can Dance album, so I picked a different version. And the same happened to the song Borderline. I also wanted to use of the ultimate dance songs from Madame X: Faz Gostoso. So I looked it up and found an incredible club mix.”

Madonna CD singles

Mid September Sergio started the recording sessions after two days of tryouts. In the process he found out he had to do the recording sessions in parts. Later on all these recordings were edited to one incredible mix. For some songs more than one version was used. For Vogue and Into The Groove Sergio Tee used two different versions to keep the right vibe in it.
In the first week of October the mix was completely edited following all the scraps and problems on the way to the day the editing was completely done.

The yellow SIRE CD singles by SIRE RECORDS

“I think the biggest problem was the song Into The Groove. I finished the editing and check the whole project by listening the whole mix. And the thing was that the version I used was absolutely a great unofficial remix but I missed the ‘sing-along feeling’ in it, so I deleted hat part and start for this part the whole process all over again and edited the Extended Remix in it. But I’m happy with the this project. Finally we can finishing the project.”

Madonna Mega Club Mix will be released on November 19th because the inspiration was the You Can Dance Album which was released on November 17th 1987.

Madonna Mega Club Mix has an approximate time of 4 hours, 39 minutes and 29 seconds.
It contains 48 tracks and starts with an interlude.
Including her biggest hits like Hung Up, Frozen, Vogue, Like A Prayer and many more!

Release October 19th

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