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17 December 2022

Big things coming up

Since last Summer Sergio Tee hits almost every stage. Especially big ones!
His schedule was not really full but he proved that he can handle the big things and he also showed how to create a nice trip with big surprises.
Remember the performance on Dam Square during Pride Amsterdam, first he has Noam Bargil on stage all the way from Israel and a few moments later Sergio speeches during his tune I See Your World and tells the world that it is good to love yourself and to be proud of yourself so you can give love to others.

Last week Sergio performed at the big Indoor Winter Festival, before he started his set he spoke with Marcel Redelaar. He invited Sergio to send in a 60 minutes mix set for Radio 972. On December the 16th Sergio recorded something nice and handed it in. It became a nice guest mix for the show DJ José & Friends.
The date of the broadcast is not announced yet, but it will be soon.
And of course we’ll keep you posted.

Tonight Sergio Tee plays at the famous café The Queen’s Head on Zeedijk 20 in Amsterdam. He will bring of course some good old house tracks but he will never forget his gay audience so he will play also some big sing-along hits from the 90’s.
His set will start at 09.30 PM and the event is ’till 03.00 AM.

Sergio has also some ideas for forthcoming records. And sometimes it is very funny how his records become a really nice tune. For example Fiesta Histérica was a track that wasn’t meant to become a tune for the big rooms. On Sunday October 16th 2022 Sergio came out of the shower and was texting quickly the guys in the studio because he had a great idea.
In the message he said “download Dirty Cash by Stevie V and Give It Up by The Goodmen, I will explain in the studio the idea”.

A few moments later the baseline for the tune was ready and the lit’l flute was a nice way to give the track that party vibe. In the middle there’s a break which was inspired on the history of Sergio from the time he was a dancer at the hottest club in Europe: iT.
In the iT DJs played tracks with iconic breaks, so Sergio and WhiteTronicZ created something that could be from that time. And it was proved last week at the Indoor Winter Festival that Fiesta Histérica is really for the party scene.

Sergio Tee lives to tell… he was asked last Summer to tell his story in the new Dutch glossy magazine called Uitvaart Inside. In the last few weeks Sergio wrote his story about what tragedy happened in his life last year and how he managed to pull himself together to go on.
Last year he lost his mother in law and struggled to get his life back on track.
So this whole story comes in January in the new edition of Uitvaart Inside.

And then there’s also We Are iT Festival coming in April 2023 at Thuishaven. Sergio Tee is one of the DJs in the incredible line-up and he was asked to think about on which stage he wants to play. Sergio has chosen to play big tunes in the café at Thuishaven we can confirm and it is gonna fucking awesome!
70% of the tickets has been sold already and this is going to be sold out.
So get your tix now you still can.

So yes, Sergio is really back on track and soon he will enter the Rough Y Bianco Studio again to make one or a few new tracks. In the meantime Fiesta Histérica and White Beat are available. And tonight you can catch Sergio at the famous bar The Queen’s Head on Zeedijk 20 in Amsterdam. Full is full, so come early, he will play his set from 09.30 PM till 03.00.
See you there!

* video by Dennis Ruigrok
* photography by Maarten de Bruin

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