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21 July 2020


Although there are weird situations in the world due the Corona virus Sergio Tee is going strong. Last week he offered some ideas with a briefing to work with a great producer. He is also working on the line-up for the Club Mystique Live Sessions since April. He is planning his forthcoming Birthday Party on August 7th. And Sergio is in negotiation to perform at the beach during Pride Zandvoort next week.
In this story he tells about the love he had, his journey and future projects.

The last few months were hard. Sergio has been working non-stop although there were some moments he couldn’t take it no more.
Since March Covid-19 hit the Dutch ground and since then everything is forbidden in the world of entertainment.
Since then Sergio started to broadcast livestreams from his house and he released a record on the Rough Y Bianco Record label with WhiteTronicZ.
Club Mystique invited him to work together and so he planned some great DJs he worked with earlier like Jaydee, Alec Bryar, WhiteTronicz, and Sebastiaan Hooft.

“These days are hard since April I have so much things to do. Things like planning, making deals and performing. At home I grab some tracks together to creat a set and then I rehearse some of it untill it’s perfect. I discovered that I am still have that motivation in me of the performer I was once at the age of 16 when I was dancer in a famous club 26 years ago. I always want to take my audience on a journey. In these dark days I wanna send some light to them. I’m glad that I can work so hard at the moment, but it’s hard…sometimes I’m really exhausted and still I have to focus on the next project. There are night’s I can’t sleep because I have so many things on my mind. And I think that is the hardest thing. And when I can’t sleep I write down some ideas or I make sketches. Last week I sent some ideas for a new record or a EP to a fantastic producer. And hopefully soon we can work out a plan for the future.”

Sergio will be back at Club Mystique next week and he is also in negotiation to perform at the “mini Pride Zandvoort next week! This is great news although nothing is confirmed yet. On July 31 Tee will perform in a line-up with DJ Ryad, Benjamin Bryan and Alec Bryar. It’s gonna be a night of house and tech house. Sergio will play a set of classics. Two of these livestreams were released on Mixcloud.

“It’s true! We are in negotiation to play at Zandvoort’s mini Pride. And I really think it’s important. Today the LHBTQ+ community is still a community that needs attention against discrimination. To me it is a part of the job actually. I mean, I’m gay myself and didn’t have an easy life because I’m gay and so I really believe I have to do something for the community. A few years ago I lost a friend of mine and before his death every Friday I visited him. He had HIV and because of that he had a virus in his brains. In a year we worked so hard to let him recover a bit so he could live at home again. A few years ago he died, and before he died he said to me that I have to continue my path. He was one of the few people who believed in me from the beginning and it always gives me strength to go on. And so I do! And I really hope that soon the world really becomes a better place. We really have to make the world a better place. I really believe that. I also believe that politicians can do much more in all this. I mean the government is not doing ‘everything’ they can unfortunately. We have to take much more care of eachother. We all need love! Don’t we?”

Sergio’s birthday is coming soon. On August 7 there are some rumors about a special event at Club Mystique. Some great ideas that came up because something changed in the schedule of Club Mystique.

“Yess, I was called and I got the question if I wanted to play at Club Mystique Amsterdam on August 7 instead of July 24. I gave the green light and later on I thought ‘hold on wait a minute, that is my birthday!’ So we talked and talked and August 7 is going to be a special livestream. Because of the Corona we can’t have big groups in de club yet. And officially the club is still closed. I really want to celebrate my 44th Birthday with a small party. A really small party. This event will be broadcasted live on FaceBook, Twitch, YouTube, Mixcloud and on the website of Club Mystique Amsterdam. Can’t wait to see you all online on this special evening.”

We’ll keep you posted about the forthcoming events.
Stay tuned for more info.

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00