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22 October 2019

Tee’s Incredible ADE 2019: The Aftermath

5 incredible days of ADE are over. Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 was legendary and fruitful!

On October 16 it was raining all day and Sergio Tee gave up the hope for better forecasts. So he decided to attend the ADE AME DJ MARATHON in the studio to have some fun before his performance at bar Prik in the evening. By coincidence he met up with his good old friend Paul Sparkes who gave a brilliant set. Around 8 PM Sergio Tee went to the Spuistraat to play at Prik. It was the kick-off for GDE We All Dance Together, the first rainbow edition of ADE.

‘It was terrible when I arrived at Prik, not that I don’t like that bar. This bar is fantastic! No, there were only a few people and the only thing I was thinking of was taking the tram back home as soon as possible. But more and more party animals showed up and when I started to play people screamed and danced to my beats. A combination of tech house and a few iconic gay songs, remixes of course. At the end it was awesome. And I realized that I am blessed that I may entertain people.”

The next day Sergio Tee woke up very early to surprise Andor, and it was a nice surprise. Andor played tropic influenced tracks and a lot if Italo sounds like we heard way back in the 90’s. It was a lovely set and we all enjoyed it to the fullest.

At 10 AM Sergio hit the decks and started to play Beat Of The Drum by SM One. During the short chit-chat he told the listeners he would play tech house, house and maybe a classic, and so he did. He also played Plastic Dreams by Jaydee in this incredible hour.

After his great set at, which was also live on, Sergio took a break and attended Brian Tappert’s Meet n Greet party of Traxsource later on in the afternoon.

On Friday Sergio Tee was booked at the DJ Pop-up at Café George. Sergio’s set time was from 4 till 6 PM. Afterwards Sergio and his assistant went to the W Hotel to meet up with some friends like Niall Redmond from RTÉ Pulse, the Irish radiostation in Donnybrook, Dublin where Sergio Tee played last year. Whiel leaving the W Hotel later on Sergio Tee met up by coincidence with one of his idols. It was Mark Knight, and Sergio and he had a short nice conversation. 

In the evening Sergio attended the amazing 16th Anniversary of Deep Sugar by Ultra Naté. The hit singer of the single Free came to Amsterdam with her incredible team of DJ’s and singers; Lisa Moody, Quentin Harris and Ultra Naté herself played the best tunes. Inaya Day, Darryl D’Bonneau and Jason Walker sang all three amazing songs. Also hitmakers Duane Harden and Crystal Waters attended this fantastic evening.

Saturday was a day of a big dip. Sergio attended iCulture but was actually too tired and went home early. ‘And that was shit, I mean… I was exhausted and with the knowledge of having two bookings on Sunday I was thinking it was good to leave and relax a bit at home. So I missed Grant Nelson with Todd Terry as MC! And that is shit. Shit happens, hahaha.’

On Sunday Sergio Tee went two Suzy Wong for first of two bookings on the 5th day of ADE. “For this event which was called Legendary I was totally inspired earlier by Ultra Naté on Friday. I selected tracks with vocals. Lots of vocals! After this booking Sergio headed with his friends to Café George to give his booker a big hug and walked to the W Hotel for an incredible start of the evening with Kenny Dope and Todd Terry. 

‘Oh gush, when we arrived we met up with Bob Sinclar at the elevator. And we had a little chit-chat with the hitmaker we both arrived upstairs, said hi to Christian Alexis and we took a photo. Then I finally met my idol Todd Terry. Also with this fantastic man I took a picture and we enjoyed the music by Master At Work man Kenny Dope. Later on I had to say good-bye to Todd Terry because we had to go to my fifth and last booking of this incredible ADE week.

After we had dinner at a small Italian restaurant we went to Akhnaton for the last booking, Sergio had great conversations with the guys from Rough Y Bianco Records. ‘I finally felt this was for me a great opportunity. A next step on my journey! I really want to learn how to create. And actually I like to work with great people instead of working on my own. So Rough Y Bianco Records can be a first step of many.’

At 9.30 PM Tee started his first record of his set and it was one by mister Todd Terry. During his set Tee played 90% classics. Real classics! For example Go by Moby and Drumattack by Jambo. After an hour Sergio Tee was very happy with the result because of trying some new things and we are looking forward to the next event by Rough Y Bianco Records.

Overall ADE 2019 was the best so far. Sergio Tee has put his name on the market by working so hard in the last few years, especially in the last year. And there is so much more to come!

On November 15th Sergio Tee is playing at a new edition of Sound of Love by Robert Feelgood and on November 30th he will play at the iT Revival with DJ Jean, Marcello, Mark Van Dale and Mark Rutte at Club Mystique. And it is just confirmed that Sergio Tee will play at the first HEIMWÉÉÉ indoor festival on February 1st in 2020.

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00