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01 July 2018

The Summer is magic!

The Summer is magic!
Last Friday Sergio Tee played at the fab Club Yolo again.
And he was back with his fresh tunes and classics.
This time he recorded the whole set and it contains a lot of hot tracks.
For example I Gotta Let You Go by Dominica, but also One Kiss by Calvin Harris feat. Due Lipa.
The recording will be released unedited and with it’s raw sound. It’s the second time Sergio Tee recorded a whole night at Club Yolo.
“It’s about time to come up with a second volume. At the moment I’m very busy; an interview with Attitude, playing every weekend, planning things with AMW, Undersun Club in Spain, a photoshoot and ADE. And oh, Rob Boskamp and I have serious plans to make a nice record. The plan is to start by the end of August.”, Sergio Tee says.
“First I have to play at Club Yolo next weekend, then I have a photoshoot in Valencia/Spain. There are also plans to perform in a restaurant/lounge in Cartagena/Spain, we are still working on it. And then… then it’s finally time for Pride Amsterdam.”

On Friday the 3rd of August Sergio Tee will play three short sets on Dam Square during the Pride Amsterdam.
This weekend Sergio announced some possible tracks for his sets on social media with this image of a schedule and some green notes.
Last week Sergio Tee already announced that he wants to start with Free by Ultra Naté, the classic song is a dedication to every single person of the LGBT community. Tee posted this announcement after the sad news that another drag queen in Amsterdam was attacked. This time it was Monique de la Fressange, she was waiting for a taxi when three men hit her.
“I really want to make a statement, we have to express ourselves and we must feel free. The violence against these unique and colorful people needs to stop now. We really have to make this world a better place. At the moment I’m working on the three setlists for the Pride show on Dam Square, which is on the 3rd of August. There’s also an intro in the setlist. After a short interlude the song will start and I want Amsterdam to clap their hands and sing a long with it. We have to celebrate that we are human beings. We have to be proud of who we are… ’cause you’re free to do what you want to do.”

AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00
  1. AMW ADE DJ Marathon: Sergio Tee Live 17-10-2020 // ADE AMW DJ MARATHON 2019-10-17 10.00-11.00